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Memorial Candles
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A. Smith lit a candle on 05/27/2018: "RIP, Lane. 2018 Memorial Day. Godspeed."
Williamges WilliamgesJS lit a candle on 05/26/2018: "Salutation! I'm going to Italy. Can you recommend something? Forward to hearing"
SormatsL SormatsZJS lit a candle on 05/24/2018: "Hello."
Hardlinux HardlinuxTW lit a candle on 05/21/2018: "buy viagra adult porno"
Hardlinuxx Hardlinuxdw lit a candle on 05/18/2018: "adult porno buy viagra"
Matthewagome MatthewagomeDG lit a candle on 04/13/2018: "Hello. And Bye."
BruceMP BruceMPEP lit a candle on 04/10/2018: "Hello. And Bye."
Michasot MichasotEM lit a candle on 03/29/2018: "Hello. And Bye."
Edwinsnige EdwinsnigeUX lit a candle on 03/23/2018: "Добрый день"
Kamilasab KamilasabXL lit a candle on 03/15/2018: "Good day, dudes May I recomend this blog (my blog) where I publish reviews of books? #omon_aka_zbest"
Michaelqualk MichaelqualkGQ lit a candle on 02/01/2018: "МЕГАСТО"
Hubertlemurto Hubert Lemurto lit a candle on 01/08/2018: "carpe diem"
Spealperafe SpealperafePS lit a candle on 01/07/2018: "TtsKbEPnjt lek za mrsavljenje acomplia rimonabant"
Delonleviafe Titan-gel lit a candle on 01/01/2018: "Hola, Me gusta mucho tu sitio, ?sigue haciendolo mejor!"
Hubertlemurto Hubert Lemurto lit a candle on 12/22/2017: "carpe diem"
Katie Gundert-Kalamasz lit a candle on 05/30/2016: "Still in my thoughts! Especially today!"
MARTI MOM lit a candle on 05/06/2016: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear son, love you to the moon & back, a gazillion times, like I tell Lucy & Ben"
Aunt Candy lit a candle on 08/11/2015: "Every day. Miss you every day. "Lost my boots in transit babe, pile of smoking leather ..."
Anthony Vasi lit a candle on 05/25/2015: "Thinking of you this Memorial Day sitting here alone. Miss you Lane."
Waggz lit a candle on 04/28/2015: "Thinking about you today. Miss you so much man. Hope you know how much of a hero you are to so many!"
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