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Remembering you on Memorial Day 2018  / Austin Smith   Read >>
Remembering you on Memorial Day 2018  / Austin Smith
Continue to Rest In Peace, Lane. You are the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. All too often we forget what this day is about. Pouring a beer out for you this weekend. Godspeed. Close
8-9 YEARS  / MOM   Read >>
8-9 YEARS  / MOM
My dearest Lane, 40 years ago today, I held a big beautiful baby boy. Bald then too, but perfect in my eyes. I wondered what you would be doing at 30-40 years old. What would you become? What would you look like (besides handsome)? Well, you turned out to be more than I could have imagined. A FAVORITE big brother, a BEST friend, a gentleman who left one hell of a legacy to all who knew you, and great stories to tell Lucy and Ben. You already know that your brothers are looking out for me, and taking great care of Annie & the kids. They're amazing. I had a moment last night as you well know, blasting PIANO MAN out at Brookdale. I know you're in heaven and in our hearts, but that's someplace that I can physically sit to remember you by myself. Hey, I know no one cares how loud I play Billy Joel, Clapton, etc., because nobody complains! Love you dearly, help me keep an eye on your brothers & family too. XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOMOM Close
Happy Birthday  / Don Tollett (Brother)  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Don Tollett (Brother)
Well Ben is at the age now when he is asking the more detailed questions about you. He almost broke me the other day when we were talking about birthdays and he asked about yours. When I told him it was going to be today, a very concerned look came over his face and Ben said, "He is not going to be here to blow out his candles". It took everything I had to hold it back and reply, "I'm sure he would be more than happy if you and Lucy blow them out for him". As smart as the both of them are, it could have been a strategic move to get me to take them for ice cream after Ben's game tonight, or he was just really concerned. Either way, it worked, and that is our plan to celebrate your birthday this evening. I want to wish you a happy birthday and I tell you I miss you and love you. We are thinking about you every day. Close
Thank you for your service and sacrifice  / Polly Papsadore (Ran in his honor )  Read >>
Thank you for your service and sacrifice  / Polly Papsadore (Ran in his honor )
To the family of Sgt. Norman Lane Tollett on Memorial Day 2014: My 13 year old son and I travelled to Long Island, NY this weekend to volunteer and run in the 7th annual US Marine Corps Cpl Christopher G. Scherer "I Did the Grid" 4 Mile Run on May 24 in East Northport, NY. This run is in honor of Cpl Christopher Scherer who was KIA in Operation Iraqi Freedom on July 21, 2007 and all the fallen who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Each runner has four names of fallen service members on their bibs. We were asked to think about and pray for each fallen hero for one of the four miles of the run. Sgt. Tollett’s name and service information were on my son’s bib. It was a privilege to run in his honor. Sgt. Tollett is in our hearts and prayers this Memorial Day. God bless. Sincerely, Polly Papsadore Close
7 years  / Marti Sparks (mom)  Read >>
7 years  / Marti Sparks (mom)

My Dearest Lane, this just doesn't get any better nor any easier. As usual, I took off work the past 2 days because I just can't make them normal "calender" days. Ryan stopped by Friday and I hugged him hard before I drove to Don & Annie's for the weekend. Oh, thanks to you and the rest of the "upstairs" gang for getting me back & forth safely. As I told Ryan last night, just when I don't think I could love my sons more, or be more proud of them, they do something to just expand that capacity beyond words. Possibly some positive Lane mojo, but they are doing it  on their own. My 3 sons...3 terrific! Well, I started this note before bedtime and it's O-dark thirty am. Love you, XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX MOM

We left you a letter  / Crissy   Read >>
We left you a letter  / Crissy
Never had the honor of knowing you, (as the letter my children and I left for you stated)..."we will never forget you!" There is no greater Honor! Close
6 years now  / Marti Sparks (MOM)  Read >>
6 years now  / Marti Sparks (MOM)
My dearest Lane, I stayed busy today, not wanting to think about 6 years being twice as long as the time you were in the Army. Grant came home and it's always good to hear Don & Ryan talking, laughing and telling stories with one of your Army brothers. Got some cute pictures of him with Ben and Lucy too. I've had the pleasure of speaking with Deberry and sent him a couple things, received the amazing poster-project from Rencich's daughter Katelyn (A++) and a young man at St Mary's school, Reese Hayward presented me with your Hero Award at a school program. I wish they could've met you so they would know so much more about the person they paid tribute to. We miss you so much, but when someone brings up a memory or we hear someone new thinking about you, it puts some of the heartache in its place. Thanks for keeping a watchfull eye on all of us Lane, we still need it. The daily signs that make your presence known are pretty cool too dude. Love you always and forever,  Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo   Close
5 years gone  / Marti (Mom)  Read >>
5 years gone  / Marti (Mom)

My dearest Lane, cool coincidence yesterday. Sitting at the stop light at

#57, I heard a "toot" and pulling up next to me in a green Jeep, a young man about your age gave me a sharp salute! I waived a "thank you" to him, and as the light turned green, he pulled up ahead where I could see the Marine Corp Semper Fi, and the United States Marine Corp ribbon across the back window. Not a lot of time at a stop light to roll down my window and say "thank you for your service, and oh, by the way, today it's been exactly 5 years since I lost my Lane..."  Dave began to question, "well how would he have known..." when I reminded him *Gold Star* license plate, 82nd Airborne license frame...the guy wouldn't have known, but the fact that his salute was a show of respect that just happened to be on an awful date, well, it takes some of the bite out of the worst date embedded in my memory for the rest of my life. Of course you already know I was there at "nine o'clock on a Saturday..." with Billy Joel blaring and the doors open wide (just before the rain and sleet started). Had your marker all spiffed up and polished and waiting for visitors over the weekend. Read several of your buddies updates on you would like say, you're one cool dude and we like to remind you...never forgotten, always in our hearts. Between the hometown and Army brothers Lane, your extended FAMILY will help us hold you in our hearts with stories of humor, respect and LOVE. We miss you so very much, Love, Mom XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX


Back flips...  / Candy Tollett (Aunt)  Read >>
Back flips...  / Candy Tollett (Aunt)
That's what I want to see right now ... you doing a back flip.  Damn it, Lane, its not getting easier.  I have so many things I want to tell you.  And bitch about.  You know how it is, you moody bastard.  Oh how I miss you.  It makes me ache.  And I love you so much.     "All a friend can say is 'Ain't it a shame'..." Close
Latest News  / Karen Cone (Cone Brothers Mom )  Read >>
Latest News  / Karen Cone (Cone Brothers Mom )


I just felt I needed to write and let you know what has been going on with the Cone family. Not one single day goes by that you and your family are not in our thoughts.  It is hard to believe that it will be 5 years since you left all of us.  I feel sad that we never got to meet, but hearing Ben and Grant tell the stories, makes us feel that you are and always will be part of our family.  Your Mom sends me pictures of Lucy and Ben, and they are so adorable, but I am sure that you know that already.  Keep watching out for them Lane, they will always need their Uncle Lane.   Grant is doing great and is enjoying his career as a firefighter, calls himself a double hero.  Ben started on Monday at the academy to also become a firefighter.  You would be so proud of those two.  Ben's youngest daughter is growing so fast and looks just like a little Ben when he was that age. His oldest daughter is almost a teenager and they have the same sense of humor. 

Lane, you are missed more and more each day.


Just remembering  / Kacy Snyder (Shaw) (Friend from BG )  Read >>
Just remembering  / Kacy Snyder (Shaw) (Friend from BG )
Lane I am just thinking of you today. Remembering your great voice & your good natured attitude. Meibe it's because of the fall I don't know. I just hope you know how much you were loved by others. There is some quote about people forgetting words but never forgetting how people make them feel. You were always that person who made others feel good. That is why everyone loved you so much. Miss you. XOXOXO Close
Hope you're there to meet me  / Kristen Richardson (Hignett) (Friend)  Read >>
Hope you're there to meet me  / Kristen Richardson (Hignett) (Friend)
My husband's grandfather recently passed away and our family was talking about the people meeting us in heaven.  I was thinking of the people that I hope are there to greet me when I pass away and you came to mind.  Lane I wish there were more people out there like you.  You had the very best personality and way about you that just made everyone feel so comfortable.  You could meet someone one time and treat them like you've known them forever.  I was just thinking of you and wishing you were still here. Close
Just thinking...  / Jeremiah Hicks (Friend)  Read >>
Just thinking...  / Jeremiah Hicks (Friend)
Not exactly one of my strengths- but I gotta try every once in a while.  We're getting ready to get the boys together again for the annual "man-trip" that was always talked about but never came to fruition.  It finally got past the planning stage in 07- when we all realized that we take too much for granted- but you know that... 

This year it's Virginia- with a river flowing in the backyard a few cold ones in hand and a lot of BS around the fire.  We've got a couple of newcomers this year- but as usual lots of old friends.  Hopefully you continue to keep an eye on all of us- just in case someone get's lost in the mountains confuses forward w/ reverse or forgets to cook the meat before they eat it .  We've managed to avert disaster to this point- thanks since I don't think we have done it on our own.

Miss you buddy-

Four years  / Marti Sparks (mom)  Read >>
Four years  / Marti Sparks (mom)

My dearest Lane we miss you so much! As you well know Jose Mark Jonah Jeff Ben & Grant are all here with our family & the hometown crowd...well we're all family. Lucy's giving plenty of hugs and Benjamin Lane is putting on a real one year old he's trying to keep up with all of them in the eating and ball-playing department! Lucy's beginning to grasp the idea that you are with the angels and you are everyone's friend but she asked me this past evening why we couldn't go to 'your house'. How hard it was for me to answer that we'll all see you someday if we're all good...and hope it will suffice for now in a 3 year old's mind. You already know Don's a very good dad the kids are amazing! He and Annie couldn't be better parents. Ryan is getting closer to his goals he set for himself. Pretty high I'm sure as he wants to meet up to your standards...he's hanging in there Lane and it hasn't been easy. We all know that we love you and there's no way we're gonna let you down. So stay close keep a steady watch as we all need your emotional pick up. Love Mom XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO



favorite days  / Lesley Graham   Read >>
favorite days  / Lesley Graham
It's father's day and as I was sitting around with mom and dad my dad asked me if I had a favorite day. If I could narrow down my 27 years of life into one day that made me the happiest the one that brought me the most joy. And after some thought I realized that it had to be a day that involved you. Whether it was our first meeting our first dance our first "i love you" or any of my other memories pertaining to you they are all a part of my favorite days. It is too hard to specify which one of them would be considered my favorite because even when I am having my roughest of days I can think back to a memory a moment and it will bring a smile to my face. you bring a smile to my face. no matter where my life takes me i will always carry a piece of you with me. those moments are mine and i know that no matter where you are together we have those memories to share. with all my love. i miss you. i love you. Close
just missing you  / Annie (sister-in-law)  Read >>
just missing you  / Annie (sister-in-law)

hi there Lane

Things have been busy around here lately.  Don's been doing an awesome job with Lucy and Ben while I am in school. You would be so proud of him. Clint Greer and Zack Frisby were out for a visit. It was nice to get to spend some time with them.  I think Don and Ryan are still recovering.   We've been doing a lot of work around the house. Ben is growing like crazy.  Lucy is coming out with new words every day. We are still working on potty training which is a disaster lately. She cracks us up all the time though. Last Friday Don took her to the park and she picked up a piece of chewed bubble gum and ate it before he could get to her. gross! Sunday night we had a great night at the drive-in. Ben fell asleep before it started and Lucy loved the whole experience! She probably ate her weight in popcorn.  I wish she could give you a big hug-- she gives the best hugs! And ben has the biggest smile ever it looks like his little chubby cheeks are going to pop!   I miss you Lane. We are all missing you so much. This year #3 anniversary was pretty rough. It is not getting easier. Please keep an extra watch over Don.  He could use his big brother.  Another favor Aaron and Adrianne Crane had their baby! A boy: Lee William Maxwell Crane. He arrived a little early.  Keep a close eye on him ok?

we love you!

Dearest Lane and family  / Angela Simmons (Fellow American )  Read >>
Dearest Lane and family  / Angela Simmons (Fellow American )
I did not know Lane. In fact I came across his memorial website almost a year ago when I lost a very dear friend in Afghanistan. I have read a lot of entries about Lane and know that he was a good man. I am so greatful for the ultimate sacrifice he has made to protect our freedom and fight for our country. Today I was on the internet and oddly enough his page appeared in front of my eyes!!! I view this as a Godsend to take a moment to thank Lane for all that he has given and also thank his family for such a fine young man. God bless you all and may God be with each and everyone of you! Close
3 Years  / Scott Miller (Favorite Uncle )  Read >>
3 Years  / Scott Miller (Favorite Uncle )

Thinking about you and missing you. 

Your Favorite Uncle

In memory  / Michele Fentriss (Ben Cone's mother-in-law )  Read >>
In memory  / Michele Fentriss (Ben Cone's mother-in-law )

Lane - Three years have passed but I know that for your loved ones it seems like 3 minutes.  I hope they know that you are not forgotten.  Thank you for serving our country and for making sure peace will prevail.  I hope my son Seth found you in heaven and you are both watching over your family and ours.  I hope your Supreme Commander gave you the day off from keeping heaven all secure so you and Seth can get in a game of hockey.  If we hear thunder then we know one of you scored a goal. 

Blessings Soldier.  Michele

3 years  / Marti (Mom)  Read >>
3 years  / Marti (Mom)

My dearest Lane it's 1:00am 4/28/2010. There's a full moon out I can't sleep again and I'm thinking about you. It's a pretty night and I wonder...when was the last pretty evening you got to actually look at the moon relax and enjoy it? So many things have happened in 3 short years yet you've seen everything being an angel and all.  I know you're proud of Don he's a great Dad and Ryan just melts around Lucy and Ben. I can just hear the rivalry between you both arguing over who's the "favorite uncle".  Either way one of you would probably end up saying "not only am I the favorite I'm also the best looking!" And it would keep going from there... They're good brothers and fine young men Lane. Keep watching over us some days maybe more than others and know that every day we love you miss you and ache until we hold you again. Love Mom  XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXXOXOXOXOXO



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